Hi-Plex Sequencing

Simple, low-cost, modular targeted DNA sequencing technology

Hi-Plex is a streamlined highly-multiplexed PCR-based target-enrichment system for massively parallel sequencing suitable for an extensive range of clinical and research applications. Hi-Plex is complemented by software for primer design and variant calling.

NOTE: improvements have been made to the Hi-Plex chemistry and primer design software. These developments have not yet appeared in the literature. Contact the Hi-Plex team for information and collaboration enquiries.

Simple and High-throughput

Library-building consists of a single-step, highly-multiplexed PCR, in a simple half-day protocol.

Modular and Flexible

Hi-Plex supports multiple sequencing platforms and allows considerable flexibility in target region design.


Hi-Plex’s design allows stringent filtering of sequencing chemistry-induced errors.


Hi-Plex uses relatively inexpensive, readily available reagents and small amounts of starting material.

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